Wednesday, December 19, 2007


My congressman has finally gotten back to me. Well, through the police and a 100ft restraining order. Don't fear my Ragu minions(I will call you Mama's Soldiers), this IS progress. I am guessing he is a Francesco Rinaldi fan. One block in the road, good thing we have more than one congressman.

You know, you mention to a congressman how much you would like to lather him up naked in Mama's Sauce and they slap a restraining order on you. Oh, and I did mention some other things but I cannot discuss it here until my lawyer returns my phone calls. Come on Mr. Zeldman, Finky seeks your council! Maybe he has a jar of sauce around. Wish he would return my calls.

FYI, I will be chaining myself to a tree outside of Ragu headquarters. Please Join Me. Clothes are optional. . .

Sunday, December 16, 2007

You Guessed It. . .

Ragu has recently removed thier Rich and Meaty line from their roster. Sure, some of you may be saying "Is he serious?". Well, I am. More serious than a deaf child trying to read lips. This is an outrage. The only line of spaghetti sauce that I will actually eat. Why? Because it isn't acidic or sweet, but just right.
My recent learning of this crime was when I started to notice that the stores didn't have it in stock. There wasn't even a UPC label on the shelf. So I wrote Ragu to get the story. It went like this:
I miss your sauce!! What gives??
Hungered Meaty Man

I urge all of you to write Ragu and get this line of sauces back on the shelf. They tried to tell me they have a wonderful variety of sauces to choose from. No they don't!! Ragu sucks. But Rich and Meaty is awesome.
I will continue to write my congressman until I get some quality sauce.
Ragu, you have disappointed me and many others. Including John Madden(did you see the blog header??). Madden likes it too! As a matter of fact, in 2005 he replaced his All Madden QB with Mamas Rich and Meaty(seriously, I wouldn't lie)

Ragu, you came and you gave without taking. Oh, ragu!